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A well-planned corporate identity is crucial to the success of a company. It instills trust, credibility and makes a business more competitive and profitable.

At YLAB we have extensive experience in creating strong corporate images. We carry out a global approach from the beginning. Good planning includes the optimization of available resources and all functional and aesthetic aspects.

Develope your Dental Practice

The optimal office design creates the best experience for your patients and staff by promoting a comfortable, efficient and safe working environment.

Dental practice design is about more than just design: improvements in your practice's design can optimize your patients' visits and streamline internal workflows. Integrated technology can expand treatment options and reduce treatment and waiting times.

Together we can develop a unique corporate identity that reflects the personality and quality standards of your practice and creates trust. Through a collaborative effort, we will work on ways to transform the design concept of your dreams into profitability, new patients, and clinical confidence.
Case Study Dental Office Acevedo
Case Study Dental Office Valles Valles

Dental Clinic Interior Design for the Perfect Patient Experience

The art of interior design can be a powerful tool for setting the right tone and evoking the right emotions.

We help you design a calming environment that can proactively create a relaxing patient experience to ease your patients' fears and anxiety.

We specialize in integrating architecture and branding into a unified concept and offer a comprehensive solution for companies that need an enhanced corporate image. A dental office that has invested in design increases its production by 36%-40%. This happens because a well-constructed image increases the value of a company, makes it more recognizable and memorable, generates belonging, makes it stand out from the competition, improves staff loyalty and helps increase sales

From the beginning of each project, we work hand in hand to create a solid and balanced design, developing concepts around a common idea that extend to all areas, achieving absolute harmony between the space and the brand.

Starting a Dental Practice

There are two ways to start your own dental business, buy an established dental clinic, or start from scratch. In any case, it is important to build up or renew your corporate identity for the holistic design of a differentiating and successful appearance. We turn your business plan into reality.

We support you with the branding and interior design of your practice. Together we will create something special that will stand out from the crowded environment. Our expertise can be vital in creating a brand that ensures it attracts the right customers.
Case Study Dental Office Angels
dental office interior design ideas case studie Dental Office Doctores Gómez
Case Study Dental Office Doctores Gómez

Biophilia in Healthcare Environments

Biophilic design dates back to the early 1980s when biologist Edward O. Wilson outlined his philosophy of biophilia and hypothesized that humans have an innate, biological affinity with the natural world.

Together with our partners we can implement biophilic design concepts in all aspects of your project.

Biophilic design is a sustainable design strategy that reconnects people with the natural environment. The use of healing biophilic design components in medical facilities has been shown to have positive health effects and reduce patient anxiety.

Design Services For Franchises and Business Adaptation to the National Market

Having a well-known brand can be important for international success. Even with an iconic corporate interior design, customization or localization can be a crucial step in bringing a franchise into a new market. Adapting the corporate architecture to a selected market or region may even be mandatory.

We examine adaptations to an enterprise-wide architecture and interior design to facilitate market acceptance and legal implementation. Many things can become subject to localization to make the brand more successful in a market.
Optical Office Design & Optometry Office Designs for General Optica Spain
Design Study For General Optica

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