Edge Innovation Center commercial work architecturee lobby
Edge Innovation Center commercial work architecturee lobby
  • A Dental Clinic designed for the Patient

    Acevedo Dental Clinic

    YLAB Architects for Acevedo Dental Clinic. Photos: YLAB
Edge Innovation Center de YLAB architects Barcelona
Clínica Odontológica Acevedo Area del Paciente
Located on a busy street in Sant Boi de Llobregat, a neighboring city of Barcelona, this dental clinic has been designed to attract the attention of pedestrians and the abundant traffic. The premises were diaphanous and on street level, but rather small for the required program. On the other hand, it had a wide façade with a lot of visibility, which had to be taken advantage of.

The client had developed his business in a small nearby clinic. They now wanted a modern clinic that would keep their friendly local character while attracting new patients. They needed a strong and individual corporate image that would represent the values of the business and differentiate it from franchised clinics. All the corporate elements such as the logo, the facades, the exterior and interior signs and the signage have been developed under the direction of YLAB Arquitectos.

The design combines a professional and technological approach with a warm and calm atmosphere that contributes to creating a pleasant patient experience. The contemporary image is achieved with a predominantly white environment, with indirect lighting and curved partitions that optimize the distribution and create a fluid space. The graphite-colored accents on the facades and the signage contribute to creating a strong and contrasting image. Warmth is achieved through the use of warm materials and colors such as oak wood, upholstery and rugs.

Patient Care Area

The patient care area is formed by the entrance hall with the reception, the waiting area and a meeting room. The privacy of this area, located along the main façade, is preserved by rotating oak slats that allow lighting and visibility from the street to be adjusted, while providing a warm and quiet atmosphere.

The reception table, made to measure, welcomes the patient. From this position, the different areas of the clinic are controlled and assisted. This table has an adjacent sitting area for short more private conversations. The waiting area is at the back, in a more isolated area.
Warm materials such as oak wood, soft fabrics such as linen and light-reflecting limestone flooring create a bright and relaxed atmosphere that makes visiting the dentist easy. Light is another great pillar, the indirect LED lighting integrated into the ceiling recess favors the sensation of clarity and calm.
Clínica Odontológica Acevedo Área de Recepción

Zona de espera

Área del Paciente Cínica Dental

Sala de primera visita

Warmth and Detail

In the patient care area, special attention has been paid to detail: it is the clinic's business card and the patient's first contact.
Area de Recepción Clinica Dental


Madera de roble Clínica Odontológica

Lamas orientables

Lámpara Coderch Clínica Odontológica Acevedo

Lámpara Cesta

Mesa de Recepción Clínica Odontológica
Mesa de recepción

Waiting Room

The warmth of the wood and the curved lines create a welcoming atmosphere throughout the clinic. Special attention has been paid to the waiting room, furnished with rather domestic furniture, to create a calm area before the intervention.
Cerramiento de Madera Clínica Odontológica
Sale espera de Madera Clínica Odontológica
Sale espera con Alfombra Clínica Odontológica

Clinical Space

The dental area is separated by a curved wall illuminated by an upper perimeter light. This wall is a white solid partition for the different medical spaces with a transparent glass opening for the most representative spaces such as the meeting room and the office manager room.

The dental area includes three treatment rooms, a pan, a lab with sterilization and storage room, a private office and a small break room for staff.
Espacio Clínico dental Despachos
Espacio Clínico dental Box
Espacio Clínico dental Box vestíbulo
The dental area is planned with a functional and programmatic rigor and without losing the aseptic character that should prevail in healthcare environments. Here, aesthetics is at the service of functionality. Traffic has been especially taken care of, so that the staff walks the shortest possible distance and avoid unnecessary crossing with the patient. Signage is equally important to guide the patient.
Ortopanto Clínica Dental

Equipamiento dental

Clínica Odontológica Acevedo Señaletica


Clínica Odontológica Acevedo Box 3


Clínica Odontológica Esterilización


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