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YLAB Architects is a Barcelona based architectural design studio. We offer architecture, interior design, construction management and consulting services in residential, commercial, and corporate design projects.

Our projects are conceived to merge smart design with a great level of detail and finest craft work. We create timeless spaces under the focus of functionality and our client’s individual personality and needs.

We provide global architecture services. Our portfolio includes corporate projects such as the Edge Innovation Center in Giza, Banque Nationale pour le Développement in Senegal and Ivory Coast, Dental offices from Spain to Morocco and architecture for insurance companies in Barcelona and London. Ylab Architects residential architecture includes luxury apartments and single family homes and villas.

Innovative Architectural Solutions

We acts as a single point of contact, managing architecture and interior design projects from conception to completion.

We conceive our work in a multidisciplinar way. We collaborate closely with consultants, suppliers, contractors and craftspeople through to final execution. We offer construction management services to assure that the projects run smoothly, are cost-effective and are completed in a timely manner. Our aim is to bring our projects on time and within budget.
YLAB Architects is a Barcelona based architectural design studio
Founders Yolanda Yuste and Tobias Laarmann
Detailing the Smallest Part with Great Efforts
exclusive materials and excellent craftsmanship
 design inspiring architecture and interiors
Custom planning up to the last detail

Detailing the Smallest Part with Great Efforts

Functionality, cost efficiency, sustainability and highest design quality are our fundamental planning elements to create projects that reflect the identity and values of our clients. The ability to understand our clients' needs allows us to design inspiring architecture and interiors.

Ylab's designs follow an essence that guides every project in every stage and scale of the planning process. Architecture, interior, landscape or furniture design, they all respond to this project idea in a coherent and clever way.

Custom planning up to the last detail, the right choice of exclusive materials and excellent craftsmanship are key in our design. Creativity, innovation, design excellence and the pursuit of quality underpin our approach, regardless of the scale and typology of the project in hand.
Residential Architecture / Homes and Villas
Residential architecture
YLAB Architects offers an integrated service conceived through the combination of architecture, interior design, engineering and landscape design. We achieve innovative design solutions that create real value.

Our concepts are based on the understanding of our clients’ lifestyles and expectations for their home. For that we work in close collaboration with our clients, acquiring a detailed understanding of their routines, passions and aspirations. Our aim is to create environments that reflect their personalities and are tailored specifically to their needs.

Our mission is to create warm, elegant and timeless spaces that improve people's comfort and wellness in everyday life.
Residential Interior Design / Private Homes to Apartment Blocks
Residential interior design
YLAB Architects formulates design strategies for the complete or partial renovation of existing buildings.

We integrate architecture, interior design, custom furniture design, lighting and furnishing into seamless and individual environment.

Our clients are involved in every step of the process. We help them to visualize the final outcome with concept mood and sample boards, drawings and renderings of the space.
Corporate Architecture and Workspace Design
Corporate Arquitecture
YLAB Architects offers optimal workplace design and fit-out solutions for present and future requirements. Our designs takes into consideration the company’s identity, strategy, culture and technology.

We combine architecture, interior design, signage, custom furniture design, workplace consultancy as well as lighting and furniture expertise. We can work as a single point of contact, taking care of project completion on time and on budget.

We create unique working environments that increase the feeling of satisfaction and improve the firm’s workflow. Our design improves business performance, enhance the brand identity and help retain and attract key people.
Dental Offices and Ophthalmology Clinic Design
Healthcare Interior Design / Dental Offices and Optical Office Design
YLAB Arquitectos’ brand design creates compelling experiences that lead to marketplace differentiation and brand preference.

We provide architecture, corporate identity and branding projects to develop an individual corporate architecture and image out of a common idea.

Our goal is to reflect and reinforce each business brand identity and improve the clients’ and staff's comfort and wellness.
  • Did you know ?

    We feel deeply honored to have been selected for the delivery of the
    Third Edition of the European Award for the best Professional Career,
    in recognition of our professional objectives and commitments to Excellence.
    YLAB  Third Edition of the European Award for the best Professional Career
  • Did you know ?

    The name of YLAB comes from "Yuste Laarmann Architects Barcelona"
  • Did you know ?

    YLAB was founded first in Germany and moved 2000 to Barcelona
  • Did you know ?

    We received several Houzz awards
    YLAB architects Best of Houzz 2021
    YLAB architects Best of Houzz 2020
    YLAB architects Best of Houzz 2019
    YLAB architects Best of Houzz 2017
    YLAB architects Best of Houzz Service 2020
    YLAB architects Best of Houzz Service 2017
    YLAB architects Best of Houzz Photos 2017
  • Did you know ?

    We were selected as the best in archilovers
    YLAB architects archilovers Best Project 2019
Our Team has been recognized for service excellence by a broad spectrum of organizations and publications. Our work has been featured at The New York Times, Architectural Digest, El País and the design networks such as Houzz.
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