Single Family House Maresme

This private 1.100 m2 residence is located on the Maresme coastal mountain range, in a neighborhood overlooking the coast and the Mediterranean sea. The site is south facing and has a very steep topography, mostly constituted of bedrock.

All structural elements and walls are made of white painted concrete, which becomes the primary material of the house. This helps to create a modern and calm aesthetic without distracting from the beauty of the landscape and the panoramic views.

The building casts itself into the site on four levels to create enough living area to accommodate an extensive program. The back half of the living volume is located underground oriented towards a back vertical courtyard.

The ground floor is at the street level, where the entrance is located. It contains a spacious studio, the garage and utilities. Sloping roof planes with terraces hover above contained between the concrete sidewall and the vertical circulation shaft.

Large glazed openings create transparency between indoor and outdoor spaces, bring daylight into the home, and make the best of the views.

The two lower floors hold the less public spaces – guest room, children’s rooms, gym, studio and master bedroom.

The upper floor connects with the rear outdoor living spaces in the form of terraces, a swimming pool and gardens. This floor includes the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.

The living room has access to the pool area and the upper garden, with a relaxing lounge area. At the side of the house there is another lounge area surrounded by beautiful gardens with stunning views over the mediterranean see.

Inside the house, the clients wanted to have a contemporary, striking atmosphere with open functional areas, clean forms and a predominant black and white color palette.

The master suite is a spacious 250 m2 open space divided into two main areas by a row of white lacquered freestanding cabinets.

The bed, a lounge area and a breakfast corner are facing the front façade while the spa and bath area, a large double washbasin and the walk in closet are at the rear.

Polygonal form windows at the back wall provide some extra light and connect the bedroom with the swimming pool.

The central cabinets hide the interior columns and are accessible from the bath area, where they also provide a mirrored surface and lighting for the washbasin.

An extensive use of decorative lighting is a fundamental design feature. Indirect RGB LED lighting highlights the ceiling perimeter and free form cavities as well as custom-made furniture details. Suspended and wall lighting help create different settings inside the main space.

Clever layout design allowed for the building of a 20 metre long walk-in wardrobe and shelving. The clever use of mirror emphasises the sleek design.

An vertical hanging garden is the eyecatcher at the end of the dressingroom

Wall cladding detail

Wall cladding detail

designed by YLAB, 3d milling produced and manually finished

Lacquered wood slats wall cladding

Lacquered wood slats wall cladding

with Fold wall lamps by Vibia

Warm white backlight mirror

Warm white backlight mirror

Corian washbasins

Corian washbasins

The gym is an impressive white ceiling and glossy floored room with high gloss graphite and mirrored wall claddings all around. The ceiling shows multiple recessed perimeter and linear LED lights that cross each other and reflect themselves onto the walls and flooring forming closed loops of light.

To support the exercises, there is a screen and an auxiliary bench located in a wood finished corner with polygonal forms.

The same floor offers a work and meetingroom with a backside wall and hanging garden designed for the aesthetics of simplicity and elegance

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