ANV Corporate interior design

Corporate interior design for the insurance multinational ANV and integral refurbishment of the firm headquarters around the world.
The young company looked for a working environment that would reflect its horizontal structure and spirit, based in communication and new technologies. The client wanted the London headquarters to embody this philosophy in a representative and functional space.

The proposal consists of the integral refurbishment of the inner spaces and terraces, proposing different forms of working and communication areas according to the modern structures of this young firm.

Around this band different functional areas are placed: a waiting area, a big open office space, a pantry, an open meeting room, diverse meeting rooms and one management office.

The project includes the design of different specific working, communication and rest furniture types: large team seamless tables, developed in collaboration with the firm BNB, to facilitate flexible team configurations; meeting furniture to allow different communication forms; and rest and leisure furniture, to enable rest and informal meetings after work.

This corporate identity concept will be applied to the following international headquarters in London, Hong Kong or New York, among others.

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