• Edge Innovation Center

Edge Innovation Center

YLAB Arquitectos for Raya Lease Egypt, Fotos: Nour el Refai

Edge Innovation Center's unique modern design and its undeniable sense of space, equipped with state of the art network and audio visual systems, makes it Cairo's premier business and conferences facility. Edge Innovation Center is an aspirational and status business destination in Egypt.

The office spaces were conceived with a forward thinking by YLAB to provide a professional, high-end workplace environment, with integrated capabilities and communication technologies. It is located in Galleria40 and embraced by the street level retail pedestrian areas of the business avenue. Edge helps entrepreneurs, individuals, fast-growing businesses, large companies, and agencies rise, strive and succeed with the right business setting, the right business solutions, and the right business image.

Edge Innovation Center , modern, premium workspace , small businesses, start-ups

The Hall

The formal language of the project combines and merges the rational organization of its modern conference center with the floating spaces of contemprary workspaces.

Edge Innovation Center , The Conference Center can seat up to 200,the Hall ,

Edge Innovation Center , modern, premium workspace , small businesses, start-ups

Floating Spaces

A open public area allows for differentiating accessibility for the different groups of users, informal meeting areas are placed all around the core of the building.

Edge Innovation Center , modern, premium workspace , small businesses, start-ups

Coffee and Catering

Informal drop-in work and meeting spaces, coffee bar and catering, for after work events, work and lunch breaks.

Informal Meeting Areas

Informal Meeting Areas

The open area is littered with collaboration areas and informal meeting points
Open Space Office

Open Space Office

Lounges and open space areas are been developed to supply lounge based workplaces with the feel of comfort and the task of create "privacy corners without building walls".

Edge Innovation Center provides flexible, modern, and premium workspace to customers. Designed with freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups in mind, Edge Innovation Center is a commercial work complex featuring modern offices, meeting and training rooms, one conference hall and one boardroom as well as state-of-the-art business services. We offer flexible floor plans that can easily be adjusted to accommodate the requirements and needs of today’s creative professional and modern businesses. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in need of a single-office rental, or a start-up looking to move-in with a growing team, Edge Innovation Center provides the supportive and dynamic work environment to make your business work. Our facility is fully equipped with today’s modern meeting and training solutions ensuring that you, your team and your business are productive from start to finish.

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